Saturday, March 13, 2010

SOMEONE needs to Wake the Hell up these Liberals.

It seems that every time an Islamic Terrorists tries to murder innocent civilians, Liberals scramble to down play the situation. Only this time, it took 72 hours for the executive Branch to address the nation on the thwarted terrorist attack.As it has been with every American priority, the security of the American people was also placed in the back of Obama's mind. Not only did it take him 72 hours to respond to the threat(he waited until his vacation was over), but he downplayed the situation as being an "isolated incident",despite the fact that Al'qaeda quickly took responsibility for the attempted suicide bombing.
After the fiasco that was the slow and delayed response from the president,Obama did what is expected of all liberal government officials;he treated the incident, not as an act of war, but as a common criminal act. The man charged with attempting to suicide bomb a passenger jet was not placed in a military prison. Instead, he was given full and complete access to the Constitution as if he were a common criminal. He also has the full protection of a public attorney.

After the incident, Obama drew out a plan to enforce a one hour "security blanket" policy that would "make airlines safer an hour or so before landing". However, quick ridicule of his overwhelmingly weak security measures forced him to withdraw them.

Obama's Department of Homeland Security Tzar, Janet Napolitano, (the same woman that deemed conservatives and military servicemen "national security threats") responded by saying that their security measures "worked really well", and are the reason the bombing was a failure,,,,despite the fact that the bomber got a passport and Visa while being on the terrorist watch list,despite the fact that the terrorists father warned of his son's Al'qaeda connections,and despite the fact that he was able to board and detonate a bomb on an airplane.

So, what do you think?


  1. What do I think? I think it's interesting that another new blogger who started in March, [The Mad Jewess and just like "The Skepdick"] has stolen a post from another source [12/2009] and posted it here.

    There's a pattern to all these newbie blogs. The posting all sounds the same--as though one person using a myriad of names and identies is setting these blogs up to make it look as though there are many more of you than there really are.

    TMJ sounds suspiciously like the malcontent, and The Skepdick, and a bunch of other blogs that have been set up over a perios of time and abandoned.

    Very curious indeed.

    That's what I think.

  2. Weird "Shaw Kenawe" remark. It seems to boil down to Only big government types are allowed to complain. Others better watch it!

    The leftist clown assigned to discourage me when I was a new poster was Cap'n Howdy. "He" has since given up.

    There is a definite pattern here.

  3. Shaw Kenawe said...

    What do I think? I think it's interesting that another new blogger who started in March, [The Mad Jewess and just like "The Skepdick"

    I guess we have another insane and conspiracy ridden lefty, in our midst