Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There is a major difference between lose and loose.

President Bush gave his pre mature "Mission Accomplished" speech about Iraq on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Now another has given his own version as part of a Chicago-ward-politics sales pitch to disabled veterans. The difference is that the first guy was sincere. President Obama's pork-barrel speech to the Disabled Veterans of America yesterday (if you want to help our vets, shut up and do it) would have drawn a blush from those Soviet propagandists who cropped purged Politburo members from Stalin-era photographs.......... It was totally bizarre for Obama to take credit for whatever success there's been in Iraq like he was behind it all along. He said many times if he was in congress he would have voted against it. He opposed the surge.Now all of a sudden he's pounding his chest over what is perceived as a success story. We don't know if the terrorists just decided to run out the clock until we leave.The government over there is still very fragile and there's a lot of infighting between the different factions.

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